Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Swing Batter, Batter....

Well, now that my day of feeling sorry for myself is over, I can get back to what really matters in life....dessert! 

So the softball party I mentioned before was canceled, sadly. I had already bought such cute baseball themed decorations and everything! So, with baseball/softball on my mind, I decided I should put some my ideas to good use.

Now this first cake I am about to show you will NEVER and I mean NEVER be seen again! Anyone who knows Matthew and I know what huge baseball fans we are. Naturally, living in Texas, we are die hard Rangers fans. So, here is what happened....

Our friends, Tim and Jamie, are also lovers of baseball. Unfortunately, they cheer for the LA Angels. It's horrible, I know. I don't know why we are even friends with them! :-D Anyway, Jamie's birthday was last week and I offered to make her a cake. For some CRAZY reason Matthew, of all people, suggested I make her an Angels cake. Seriously!?! I'm pretty sure those words tasted very bad in his mouth. I'm also about 98% sure that he regretted saying it as soon as it came out. Despite my astonishment and bewilderment (aren't those fun words?), I proceeded to make the cake. Because the last couple of cakes I have made have used gum paste and fondant, I decided to switch gears and practice my piping! It's been awhile and, clearly, I'm a little rusty. This was the best I could come up with...
 This is a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting...

  To go along with the baseball theme and to make sure the Rangers know that, although I made an Angels cake, I am by no means an Angels fan, my next project would be Texas Ranger cupcakes! 

Matthew, for those of you that don't already know, is a Realtor. He had a closing this last weekend and I am trying to make some sort of treat for each one he has. These particular clients are so sweet and, of course, huge Rangers fans! They have been so nice to Matthew and even gave him an Elvis Andrus jersey. I figured it would only be fitting to make them something to match the theme they already started. I loved the red velvet recipe I used for the Angels cake, so I decided to stick with it and made cupcakes. I used the red velvet cupcake recipe, cream cheese frosting, and made "T"s out of fondant that I died blue. They were tasty!
Before I show you the pictures, I must share some very exciting news with you....I finally got my KitchenAid Mixer!!!!
Isn't it lovely? I have been waiting 7 years to buy this! It was my graduation present to myself.

Here are the pictures of the cupcakes!

Making the red velvet cupcakes...what a pretty red!

Making the cream cheese frosting. This is an awesome bowl by the way! It even comes with a lid so I can put the frosting in the fridge while I wait on the cupcakes!

The freshly baked cupcakes! Yummy red velvet!

The pretty plain cupcakes!

And finally.....Go Rangers!!!!

Well, that's it for tonight! You know what is so unfair? I just took a spin class to lose/maintain my weight only to come home and look at these pictures of tasty delights that I should not be eating right now. I have a wedding dress to fit into after all!
Well, maybe a little dessert won't hurt :-D

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