Thursday, August 18, 2011

Smashing ideas!

So the "smash cake" photo shoot is officially over, so I can now post the cake picture! I don't have any action photos from the shoot, but I also don't want to invade my cousin's privacy by plastering her baby all over my blog so it's probably for the best. He's such a cute little boy and I really hope he enjoyed destroying his first cake! Special thanks to my cousin for letting me practice on Hunter's smash cake! Thanks Mel! I appreciate it!

P.S. Another special thanks to Tim and Jamie for the most wonderful cake turn table ever!

Now, onto the next desserts! We are having our coed softball end of season party tomorrow night and, of course, I will be using another opportunity to practice cake decorating! I can use all the practice I can get! 

So my plan is to keep it simple and stick to just a few things. One of our team members has a Gluten allergy so I'm planning on making some Gluten-free brownies. I've only made one other dessert that was gluten-free before and I didn't think it tasted quite like normal. My goal is to research and find an awesome Gluten-free brownie recipe that is so tasty, no one will know it's not the real deal! The other dessert I plan on making is cake balls! I haven't quite decided what flavor yet, but I plan on dipping them in white chocolate and drawing red lines on them to make them look like baseballs. Cute, right? 
Feel free to offer any other ideas or suggestions!

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