Saturday, August 6, 2011

Softball Playing Giraffe!

Hello again! So I had so much fun creating the cute little elephant yesterday, so I decided to go ahead and make the giraffe as well! It was a little more difficult to make than the elephant, but it's alright for the first try! I've never made a giraffe before...

I made a few other figures last Christmas for my family Christmas dinner. My plan was to make cake ornaments and place a figure in front of each one as sort of a name tag. I made two penguins, an elephant, a mouse, a reindeer, an owl, Tigger, and Winnie the Pooh. I had so much fun making them! Unfortunately, they ended up being a little bigger than I anticipated. They were the same size as the ornaments! I did not end up using them and later threw them away :-( Here are a few of my favorites...

Well I guess that's it for today...all that's left are some mini baseballs, the cakes, and a few other details! I'm excited to see the final product!!!

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