Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Finally, I'm back

Well it's been awhile but I've been a busy girl! Last week was super busy, but very productive! I worked on the baseball cake last week and delivered it on Saturday. I also finished up my finals and graduated from college on Saturday afternoon. So, I was a little too busy to update my blog, but I'm back now and happy to be!

Soooo, where did we leave off? The baseball baby shower cake!
I ended up making new baby animals: an elephant, a giraffe, and my newest addition, a monkey! I thoroughly enjoyed making the little figures and I was very pleased at how they turned out. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the put together cake, but I did manage to get pictures of the individual tiers.
This is the bottom tier

and this is the top tier
The monkey is my favorite! Thanks to the practice I got on this cake, I was able to make another monkey for a different cake. I am making a "smash cake" for my cousin's baby's first birthday! I guess the new thing for babies is to have a little photo shoot of them tearing into their first cake on their first birthday. I did a little research online to help get some inspiration and the pictures I found were absolutely adorable! 

I delivered the "smash cake" tonight, but the photo shoot isn't until tomorrow, so I won't reveal little Hunter Hopkins' cake until after the shoot! Until then...

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