Friday, August 5, 2011

Baby Elelphant!

So I'm getting very excited about the baby shower cake I am making for next weekend. I decided to get a head start on some of the gumpaste figures and details this weekend. 

If you aren't familiar with gumpaste, think of it as play doh. It usually comes in a package or a bucket and you can buy it in a number of colors or just buy plain white and add your own color to it. Although it has a dough-like consistency, it can dry out very easily so make sure to turn off ceiling fans above you when working with it and keep the bag closed or lid shut to keep the remaining gumpaste moist. Also, while working with gumpaste, the consistency may turn to stickiness. If this occurs, put a little Crisco on your hands and keep on sculpting.

Ok so enough of that boring stuff and on to the exciting creation! I have decided to make a two tiered cake with a few animals, a large baseball, small baseballs, a few baseball bats, and a pendent. If you can't visualize all that together, don't worry....I don't want you to! What fun would that be if I drew out in detail what I was going to do before I do it?? Hey, it's even going to be a surprise for me!

My first figure I created today is a baby elephant. He's a cute little guy that is clearly very hungry!
 Well, what do you think so far???

Which animal will I make tomorrow.....

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  1. I love it! And I miss you! Can't wait to see ya'll in Costa Rica!